A 4-step service designed exclusively for start-up and growing companies providing the basic tools to start building your brand, without breaking the bank. Splash! includes:

Step 1 - Brand review

One hour consultation to discuss and determine your communication needs as well as potential challenges to overcome.

Step 2 - Media map

We will build a complete database of the key media you need to target in order to start raising the profile of your brand, organisation or business.  This is more than just a list of names and includes:

  • Media titles: tailored to your industry, sector or region
  • Key journalists: comprehensive contact details for editors and specialist correspondents
  • Circulation and frequency: identify the titles that matter most
  • Inside track: spot the 'hot buttons' that will really make journalists take notice

Step 3 - Boom box

We can help translate your product messages, successes and achievements into language that the media will want to hear.

  • Sharpen key descriptors: pack more punch when describing who you are and what you do
  • Compose key messages: articulate what it is that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Identify proof points: back up your claims with fast facts and compelling benefits
  • Web refresh: advice and guidance on how to ensure your website copy grabs visitors attention and stimulates action

Step 4 - Breaking news

We know that taking the first PR steps can be daunting and so that's why we will be on hand to help draft that all-important first release.  First impressions count and we will ensure that you make the one you want.

  • We will draft your first news release
  • Provide advice and guidance on the dos and don'ts of media relations
  • Optimise, distribute and sell in your first news release to key media and influencers via our Social Newsroom
  • Contact splash@magnitepr.com