Skills and training

At Magnite we offer training workshops that cover a portfolio of media skills and PR techniques that can be tailored to individual and team needs.

Understanding the media

This is a session for people new to communications and covers everything you need to know about dealing with the media and what makes journalists and bloggers tick.

Media coaching

Whether you've been interviewed by the media before or just want to brush up on your skills this session is for you - techniques include building a message house, bridging and dealing with difficult questions.

Media masters

Advanced media training and coaching for senior spokespeople and business leaders including personal one-to-one sessions for specific interviews and publications.

Messaging workshop

Ensure that your communications cut through the media noise by sharpening your brand messaging and positioning and by drafting a 30-second elevator pitch.

Crisis management

Practical scenario planning and role playing will help you learn how to handle the media in a crisis.


Stuck for inspiration and looking for a creative spark to kick start or refresh your communications then let us help with a fun-filled ideas generation and brainstorming session.